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Start your flight training today!


Are you interested in learning to fly? Elite Flying Club offers two ways to get you into the air.

1/ Discovery Flight; a half hour flight with one of our flight instructors in a Cessna 152. You will actually control the airplane in flight and get a taste for what it is like to start working on your license.

2/ Trial Introductory Flight; which gives you an hour of ground time to talk with your instructor about what it takes to get your license, plus a thorough pre-flight of the aircraft. Then you will spend a full hour up in the air, learning the basics of how to control the aircraft, including climbs, descents, turns, and straight and level flight. Contact us now to book.




Your Private Pilot's License

planeThe freedom of flight is yours when you get your private pilot's license. Take friends and family on a vacation for a day or a week. Travel times are dramatically cut, and the scenery can't be beat. Business trips can be completed in a day, instead of requiring an overnight stay. Whatever reason you have for wanting a pilot's license, our highly trained top notch instructors will help you through the process of learning. We use the Trevor Thom syllabus and teaching system. It is a self directed system of books and tests that you take at your own pace, with your instructor monitoring your progress. At the same time you will be taking instructional flights and using the information you learned on the ground. You will quickly learn how to control the airplane, and before you know it, you will be flying it by yourself. After that, you will learn to make long distance trips and soon be ready for your check ride to get the license.



Becoming a Pilot

Admit it. You have watched in wonder and awe as airplanes soar overhead in a beautiful blue sky...and if only you could be in the pilot's seat!

Well, you can!  And it's easier than you think to see the whole wide world from a very different perspective; one which opens up new vistas that you'll never see if you stay on the ground... 

Here's what you need to do...

1. Take an introductory flight with us (as above).

2. Sign up with the club - Join the Club!

3. Get your aviation medical certificate and student license.

4. Get the best possible training with our experienced instructors.

5. Make your first solo flight! (after about 15-20 flight hours).

6. Hone your skills to build up flying experience and confidence (40+ hours).

7. Ace your written papers and radio telephony exams with our thorough and structured ground school.

8. Take the Check ride!

Our flight instructors will be there at every step to guide you.

To answer some of your questions such as "How much will it cost to obtain my licence?" please see here for all FAQs.

Contact us today and we'll help you earn your wings and realize your dream!



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