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          Our Staff in Focus

            The instructional staff of Elite Flying Club are amongst the most             experienced and highly qualified within the industry.  Our combined             experience amounts to well over 10,000 hours in the air, therefore you are             assured of the highest levels of professional training and genuine assistance             at all times.

            If you're interested in finding out a bit more about our staff, read on!

Tan Sri Ir. Hj Zaini bin Omar is the Patron of the Club

Mej. Abas Salimon

Club President

  • DCA Authorised Examiner

  • 10,000+ Flying Hours

Capt. Andrew Law

Club Captain

  • DCA Authorised Examiner
  • 20+ years aviation experience

    Capt. Lin Han Boon

    Chief Flying Instructor


  • Ex SIA B707/727 flight simulator instructor

    Capt. Tony Thoo

    Flying Instructor


  • 50+ years flying experience

  • Capt. Eric Yeo

    Flying Instructor
    Ground Instructor


  • 1000+ Flying Hours

  • Karen



    Mr. Ruben

    Chief Engineer


    Sylvia Koh

    Administrative Assistant


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